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Block Party: Build Your Home Out of Tetris Pieces


Real estateDo you always want to have a unique design of your own Bentonville Home? Or you just simply want to make your house standout in your neighborhood? Why not try build your home out of tetris pieces? It might not sound very easy but if you are a tetris gamer, you will surely love this concept. So try to read this one and be amazed on how a simple house could transform into a tetris game house.

Video gamers have been fitting together Tetris pieces for decades. Now you can find out just how many of them it would take to build your house.

If you’ve been reading the Movoto blog for a while, you’ll know that in addition to real estate, we’re also kind of crazy about video games. This borderline obsession has led us to examine such highly practical things as how much Mario’s coins would be worth in real life and the value of Bowser’s castle. You know—the important stuff.

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