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Finish Your Remodel Right: 10 Tasks to Check Off

In times when you are in the throes of a remodel (even a “minor” one), it can seem as if it were forever… that is, until it does. When the construction contractors, architects and designers who seemed to be everywhere you turned suddenly disappears, it can be surprisingly easy to forget to nail down those key last details (like making sure everything actually works) in the rush to get your house back. So get a notepad and a pen, and be sure to check off these top 10 tips before you close the book on your remodel. Your Northwest Arkansas Home will thank you.

1. Keep the old stuff. Remodeling an older home often means replacing older fixtures and finishes with new — but think twice before sending any of your home’s original details to the dump. Keeping original light fixtures, a few shingles or worn hardware can be a blessing down the road if you or a future homeowner wants to know what the original home looked like, or perhaps even wants to restore the old stuff and reinstall it.

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