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Is a Home Warranty Worth the Cost? | Northwest Arkansas Home

Northwest Arkansas HomeEach time you buy a new home or sell a home and move into another, a Northwest Arkansas home warranty could be a crucial protection for your finances and your peace of mind.

Many buyers opt to purchase home warranties, which average $350 to $500 for a basic warranty and $100 to $300 more for a warranty with extra protection. Buyers, particularly first-time buyers, like the fact that they can rely on a warranty to pay for repairs during the first year while they are settling into a new home. In some cases, a real estate agent will purchase a home warranty for the buyers as a settlement gift or thank-you for their business.

Home sellers, particularly if they are selling a home with older appliances and systems, can purchase a one-year warranty that will protect them while their place is on the market and can then be transferred along with ownership of the house to their buyers. Not only does the home warranty provide an extra incentive for buyers who are concerned about potential costly repairs, but it is available for the sellers in case a water heater, oven or some other appliance needs to be fixed.

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