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Renovate or relocate? While property values are recovering

northwest arkansas real estate agentRelocate or renovate? These are the questions homeowners usually ask themselves especially if the family members are getting bigger and larger. If you are among those who are still undecided between moving out or rearranging the house, try to read this article to check whether you are doing the right thing or you are just making things a lot worse than you think. If you are a Northwest Arkansas Home owner and you wish to find answers to these two choices, this article can help you decide for yourself.

With baby no. 2 on the way, Jonathan and Andrea Hildebrandt had to face an expensive reality. They needed more room.

Their home had only two bedrooms, and nowhere for their 2-year-old to play without waking up her future little brother. Moving didn’t seem viable. The family loved their Queen Anne neighborhood in Seattle, and given that home prices had fallen 20% since they had bought four years earlier in 2007, they doubted they would recoup the $530,000 they paid. So they started talking seriously with builders about refinishing their basement or adding a second floor.

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