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Shade-Loving Plants for Your Northwest Arkansas Home

Northwest Arkansas HomeSo you have lots of trees shading the grounds of your Northwest Arkansas home. And you’re having a hard time growing a lawn. Be glad! Mowing the grass is one less chore you have to do. Though a shady yard means you can’t grow a vegetable garden, there are many shade-loving landscape plants to choose from.

Here are some to consider:

• Hosta. There must be hundreds of varieties of these perennials, grown for their foliage. Leaves are spoon-shaped and come in all shades of green, including variegated. There are dwarf hostas as small as 5 inches high, there are giant hostas that grow to 3 feet high and 6 feet wide, and every size in between.
• Astilbe. Here is a perennial shade lover with finely cut leaves. Feathery plumes of flowers bloom from late spring to early summer. Height is 2-3 feet tall.
• Impatiens. Try this annual that blooms in the shade, in colors ranging from white to pink to red to magenta and orange. Eight to 12 inches in height.
• Ferns. There are many hardy ferns of different species, in several shades of green and various sizes. Their feathery foliage adds interest and drama to the shady landscape.
• Bleeding heart. If you’ve never seen old-fashioned bleeding heart in the spring, you won’t believe what this plant has come up with for a flower! Intricate pink and white blooms in the shape of a dripping heart.
• Dutchman’s breeches. This is a close relative of bleeding heart whose blooms look like tiny white britches. It’s just too bad these two don’t bloom longer, but if you have a shady yard, they deserve a special place at your Northwest Arkansas home.
• Lily of the Valley. Another old-fashioned favorite, these perennials send up their tiny white bells and a wonderful fragrance in spring. They make a nice ground cover and are easy to grow.
So don’t feel bad if you don’t have much sun at your Northwest Arkansas home. There are even more shade-loving plants to choose from, so start exploring your options.
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Shade-Loving Plants for Your Northwest Arkansas Home

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